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Windshield glass damage can happen at any time and in varying degrees of severity. Most people are tempted to let that little chip or crack stay there because it’s in a corner and doesn’t impede the driver’s line of sight. But is that really the best course of action? LP Auto Glass of Tracy, CA is here to help you. Windshield glass repair is as important as making sure the brakes on your automobile are working properly.

When is it absolutely necessary to fix the windshield glass?

As soon as it happens. Consider the cost of fixing that tiny chip versus the cost of replacing the entire windshield glass.

Why is it so important to get it fixed so fast? It’s not getting any bigger.

Maybe not yet, but that crack or chip can get bigger as the glass expands and contracts in the cold or heat. Your windshield glass is meant to keep you safe and by weakening it you risk your safety and the safety of those in your car. In a front end collision, the windshield provides nearly half the structural integrity of the inside of the car. In a rollover, it’s more than half according to the Auto Glass Safety Council. It’s vital to ensure the integrity of your windshield glass to maximize the safety of the driver and passengers.

Can’t I drive with a cracked windshield glass for a while? It’s not so bad I can’t see where I’m going.

It depends on the crack and how deep/long it is. But this is never a good idea. It’s best to get that repaired immediately before it causes more problems, including the fact that it will cost you more as the crack spreads across your windshield glass. Eventually, it will impede the driver’s line of sight.

Is it illegal to drive your car with cracked windshield glass?

Depending on the severity of the crack, it can be. It’s not safe and you could end up with a fine from the police, then you’ll have to get the windshield glass repaired or replaced. Again, this will cost you a lot more money than getting the windshield glass repaired soon after the damage occurs.

I can fix the chip or crack myself, right? There are lots of hints and helpful videos on the Internet.

Probably. But the repair process depends on just how deep the damage has penetrated the windshield glass. The glass has layers—the outer glass, a plastic interlayer, and an inside layer. It’s always best left up to a professional to ensure the job is done right and will last longer.

Is a chip or cracked windshield glass covered by insurance?

It depends on your policy, but most will provide some coverage. LP Auto Glass of Tracy, CA accepts all insurance companies.

Never let something like a tiny crack become a major safety concern when driving your car. If the windshield glass needs repair, contact LP Auto Glass of Tracy, CA and let our qualified personnel provide you with the quality service you need to make your car a safer place for you and your family.